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Who doesn’t want to get fit and after breaking all of those resolutions we make on new-year to workout at home and eat healthy go down the drain we are bound to hit the gym. Here are a few exercises to do before you run the heavy machinery at the gym.


One of the most efficient types of workout newbies can do is jogging. Although it may sound effortless and easy going it is very beneficial it get your heart pumping and reduces the chance of heart disease. The perk is that you don’t have to be anywhere specific to do so. You can go outside to the park, a lap around your block in the gym at home on a treadmill, in short anywhere you want you can go for a jog.

It is its convenience that makes it even more useful as many people tend not to stick with exercise routines because they are too tough but this demands no effort in the preparation or about the venue.

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Just like jogging helps with the cardiovascular situation, squats assist in developing the leg muscles. It is also convenient as no specific kind of gear is needed. You can just get out of your bed on the floor and do a few crunches before or before going to bed anywhere and anytime.

Most people who are new to exercise will read about squats a lot, but it is because it not only ass to the lower body but also tones the abdominal area and helps you get the desired legs and abdomen. For this exercise, the form does matter you have to open your legs apart and lower yourself down bending your knees so that you look like a chair attaining a 90-degree angle. 


Pushups are considered to be the core of fitness and are beneficial as they help build strength along with burning calories. This exercise should be made a part of your routine as it hits all the significant places as it enables you to develop arm strength, as well as chest and core .it, helps in toning the body and trimming unwanted fat. It will further assist you in arm strength and therefore in lifting weights. 


Crunches are said to be one of the most popular stomach exercises. In gyms, you also have machines to help you with your crunches. If you want Abs, this is the exercise that you do at the gym no matter what, it does require time, but it is the most natural way in which you can get the desired result.

While doing crunches, the form matters a great deal you could lift your body from your center, not your neck. Newbies often stress over the uneasiness in the stomach, but it is only an indication that it is working.


Planks are essential and easy to perform. They can help you to get ready for weightlifting and other compound exercises, and it targets the core of the whole body giving you strength in your arms and wrists. 


Pulls ups are incredibly significant as they help you build enough strength to tackle the weights. We should the pull up station at the gym but make sure that we only use it according to the instruction of the instructor as form and time do matter.

Author Bio: Jim Roose is public speaker and mother of two little ones. She loves spending her time outdoors with her kids around nature. She is obsessed with physical fitness and healthy eating. She regularly writes about fitness secrets and much more at

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