When looking at the possibility of taking a natural remedy to help relieve pain, none seem more effective than those known as traditional Chinese herbs. If looking at this type of medication as a source of relieving your pain, then I would suggest that you contact a Chinese medicine herbalist. You will find many have now set up in your local high street or shopping mall.

There are numerous reasons for contact a Chinese medicine herbalist rather than picking what you think is right for you. Firstly, traditional Chinese herbs are normally taken in multi herb form, rather than one herb being just enough. Secondly, a Chinese medicine herbalist will normally produce a formula from scratch for each individual patient’s requirements. Also even if you take a standard herbal formula, it sometimes takes the experience of the Chinese herbalist to decide exactly what is the most appropriate Chinese herbal formula for you by using traditional Chinese medical theories. Finally, if you take the wrong traditional Chinese herbs you may find your self getting worse rather than better or not even healing at all, which is just a waste of money.

However, there are some traditional Chinese herbs that almost anyone can take that will help to improve most people’s health. Many you will know already, but below is a list of Chinese herbs that will help promote good health in you. However, it is wise to consult with a Chinese herbalist to be sure that they will help rather than hinder you health.

Firstly there is Ginseng. This herb has been studied as much as any of the other Chinese herbs available and not only does it help with the healing process, but it also increases energy levels and improves a persons blood sugar profile. But be warned if you take too much (or it is taken by the wrong person) it can cause headaches, hypertension and insomnia.

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Next there is Ginger; this is a great Chinese herb which helps with the digestive system. If you ever eaten Sushi you will know that ginger is one of the two spices that you will eat with it because it helps digestion, prevents nausea and also warms you up. It is also an ideal thing to us for that mild winter cold you get sometimes. All you need to do is cut up some raw ginger and make it into a fresh and warming tea.

Then there is Astragulas which is both an energy and immune system booster. This is the ideal herb to take during the winter before you get a cold. However, it should not be taken once you get sick. It is also the ideal herb to take for people who suffer from tiredness and sweat profusely with out carrying out any exercise or exertions.

Finally, we have cinnamon sticks, which not promote better circulation of the body, but can also warm a person up and help us to fight those winter colds.

Remember all the herbs stated above, not just ginger can be made into a tea drink for ease of consumption.

There are over 10,000 traditional Chinese herbs available, but it would be advisable as said previously that you should speak with a traditional Chinese herbalist before considering taking any. Not only are traditional Chinese herbs great, but they are part of a complicated system of treatments that can provide assistance with treating anything from the common cold to the menopause, headaches, chronic fatigue and even cancer and AIDS.

There are many other traditional Chinese herbs – only 500 of them are commonly used and popular, but there are perhaps 10,000 out there that are not as well known. Furthermore there are hundreds more of classical herbal formulas, and much of the modern medicine has been derived from studying these traditional formulas found in Chinese culture.

Traditional Chinese herbs are not only great herbs, but part of a sophisticated system that treats everything from colds and sinusitis, to menopause and impotence, lupus and chronic fatigue, all the way to AIDS and cancer.

Kerris Samson a work from home mum now residing in Spain and who has spent a vast amount of researching the different ways for relieving pain. If you would like to know more please visit http://www.relievepainfast.com

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