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Social anxiety disorder (SAD), or social phobia, primarily impairs the individual’s ability to function in social situations. It may even go as far as hindering the person to feel at ease in front of anyone else, except his family and a few friends. The person with social phobia limits his activities to places and situations wherein he feels secure from being scrutinized by other people. However, given that social structures and activities are commonly geared towards active social interaction, the person often excludes himself from normal day-to-day engagements.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, statistics show that 15 million American adults are affected by social phobia, and both genders are equally inclined to develop the said disorder. Also, SAD often occurs alongside other psychological disorders such as depression. People with SAD usually resort to substance abuse as an attempt at self-medication. These facts and figures help in showing how social anxiety disorder has been detrimental to the people that suffer from it.

Curing the disorder

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Treating this disorder may generally be done in three ways: psychotherapy, medication, or both. However, effective treatment can stand alone even if it employs non-medicated methods. While medication can aid in its treatment and possibly shorten the treatment period, the side effects of certain therapeutic drugs must be taken into account. Some of these can cause health hazards, worsen the disorder during cases of withdrawal, develop drug dependence and depression, and can also be fatal at some instances. As such, resorting to natural ways prove to be safer and more beneficial, while being simultaneously effective.

Recommended ways to complement treatment methods

While in the process of treating social anxiety disorder, employing complementary methods can aid in making the treatment more effective. Some of the recommendations include:

• Stress management

Stress and fatigue are two of the factors that enable this condition to continuously take root in a person. Techniques that eliminate stress and provide a calming effect such as meditation, sports, and exercise can significantly enhance the person’s chosen method of treating SAD.

• Support from family and friends

Loved ones can significantly boost a person’s morale in eliminating the disorder. Through being supportive, understanding, and caring towards the person who suffers from this disorder, the person will cultivate more drive to do away with his condition. Family and friends must avoid trivializing the disorder at all costs, as this can demoralize the anxiety-ridden person. Furthermore, it may cause him to be in denial of the reality and gravity of his condition, which will likely result to non-action.

• Joining a support group

It will help to know that a lot of people share the same problem with that person. He will largely feel that he is not alone in the struggle. Apart from sharing the disorder’s downsides, discussions of other’s achievements can inspire the person to attain the same success.

Still, it must be considered that these helpful ways may not wholly succeed in treating social anxiety disorder. Thus, what matters more is that the person avails the most effective, natural treatment: The powerful techniques that can address anxiety in a matter of seconds. Once the underlying anxiety is gone, social anxiety disorder will also gradually disappear, if not immediately.


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