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beginner gym tips

Gym 101. Tips For Gym Newbies (Infographic)

The first step of joining the gym is often the scariest. But once you start the rewards will justify all the difficulties you’ll encounter as you start your journey.
how stress affects health

How Stress Affects Your Health (Infographic)

What is Stress? Stress can be defined as the body’s response to external pressures arising from a situation or life event. Distress is the...
podcasts for personal development

Top Personal Development Podcasts In 2019

By listening to self-improvement & personal development podcasts and following their advice, you can grow and better yourself. Check out the top 2019 podcasts.
benefits of yoga

Why Yoga is the Best Way to Tone Your Muscles

Yoga (asanas) has a lot of benefits to the body. As a form of exercise, it is excellent for muscle toning; it aids in building strength, balance, and flexibility.
healthy teeth diet tips

4 Dieting Tips for Healthy Teeth

Good teeth begin with what you eat. Oral health will improve more when we focus on consumption alongside oral hygiene. Follow these proven tips to keep your teeth healthy and strong.
allergy symptoms and treatment

Top Tips to Prevent Allergic Rhinitis

Is your nose itchy? Have you been sneezing a lot lately? Do your eyes water? It might be time for you to take a break and assess if you are suffering from allergic rhinitis.
holistic approach eating disorder

Why a Holistic Approach to Eating Disorders Can Help You Heal

There is no right or wrong way to treat an eating disorder. The most successful approaches are those that integrate many methods including the holistic ones.
why is soda bad for your teeth

How Soft and Sport Drinks Affect Your Teeth

The consumption of soft or sports drinks doesn’t offer benefit over regular water and should be reduced or completely eliminated to ensure your teeth stay healthy and decay free.
signs of concussion

Concussion In Sports (Infographic)

Many believe that to have a concussion you need to be knocked unconscious, but this is not the case. Concussion symptoms can be as little as mild dizziness. Learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion and what to look for.
gluten free infographic

What You Need to Know About Going Gluten-Free (Infographic)

A gluten-free diet can be a great choice for healthy people as well, primarily for losing weight. It’s no wonder that many folks choose various forms of gluten-free diet. Learn about gluten-free diet and if it can help you improve your health.