With everybody out there stressing the importance of staying active and working out in winters to build your stamina and not gain winter fat, there’s a cozy, warm and cuddly part to winters too.  Many people anxiously wait for winters so that they can finally relax and wash away the stress that has built up over the year since now it is about to end and you wouldn’t want to start a new year with wrinkled foreheads and worried eyes.

Soak away your worries

Can you imagine yourself in a tub of hot water, feeling all relaxed and away from the miseries of life? The benefits of soaking in a hot tub are varied and many and you cannot fathom the reduction in anxiety and stress levels when you come out of it. Also, since it is winters, your body needs all the more reason to come into contact with something warm in nature and soothe the muscle pain that we often contract during winters. It relaxes your body gives you a renewed feeling of liveliness from within. It’s a great way to alleviate your winter blues because water is spiritual and divine.

Breakfast and hot coffee in bed

Pamper yourself with a comforting meal in bed. However, it certainly does not mean that you get lazy and make it a routine in winters as its negative repercussions may overshadow the purpose of kick-starting your day by treating yourself. You do not have to load yourself up with calories and spoil your habits as you do not want to put on those unnecessary pounds in lieu of just feeling link a king or queen in bed. Something as minimalistic as a toast and fresh berries with a cup of steaming coffee or low-fat cocoa will serve the purpose.

Darkness can be serene

Nights are apparently longer during the winters and hence it gets dark early. So why not give your mind some relaxation too by taking a break from screens that exert pressure on your mind and strain on your eyes.  Try turning off your phone for a day and experience the eternal bliss and mental peace that accompanies it. Try to take out time for yourself and nurture your innate talents. Take care of yourself and connect with nature rather than stay glued to screens. Read a book maybe to spend a fine winter day.Fine tune your biological clock with the rising and setting of the sun in winters. Sleep early as it gets dark early and wake up early in the morning with the rising sun. Easier said than done but you can always make an effort to get yourself on the right track.

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Connecting with your inner self and reflecting back on your thought processes and to what your heart says is an awakening in itself. Winters require us to stay calm and not get indulged in gloomy thoughts and be led away by depressing thoughts. Meditation opens your senses to the external environment and helps you embrace the weather with a pleasing countenance and not with sneezes and coughs. Learn to internalize your thoughts and feelings and go with the flow. You can accompany your meditative techniques with light exercises on a daily basis to uplift your mood and also to stay fit. Physical exercise is important because it helps us feel active and full of energy from within which serves as the driving force to accomplish other tasks for the day. 

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