There was a time when people who talked to themselves were seen as eccentric, strange or downright crazy. Back then, the person was seen as either suffering from a mild form of dementia or having a schizophrenic episode.

These days, talking to yourself is considered less abnormal. Affirmations, self hypnosis or just thinking through a problem out load are actually rather a common practice.

In fact, self talk is known to be an critical feature in determining how you think, feel and behave. If you are one of those people who seek self improvement, then you probably already know that the mind is incredibly powerful.

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The full scope of a mind’s capabilities is still essentially unknown, really. Maybe not all of us can learn to shift matter with our thoughts, but we can without doubt re-train our minds to attain a level of growth that we can benefit from. Merely being able to view life more positively, regardless of your circumstances, is already a big achievement. The same goes for being able to stop emotional eating or an addiction to smoking.

This is where self-hypnosis can help you develop yourself to your highest potential. It enables you to stay focused and motivated by giving you a sneak-peek at what you will look like or feel once you have achieved your objective.

Accurately visualizing your goal in detail is important because it gives your mind something to work towards. The more often you visualize your desired outcome, the more your mind believes that you can achieve it.

The best way to utilize visualization is to imagine yourself in a situation where you have achieved that goal. Use all of your senses, don’t just create a disassociated image of yourself, and imagine that you are actually there, experiencing that situation for yourself.

For example, if you want to drop some pounds, imagine yourself at your desired goal weight. What would you look like? Imagine hearing compliments from friends and family about your new body. Would they say? Think about things you would touch. Feel the sensation of a new outfit against your skin, just as if you were there right now! Imagine how you would think and feel in that situation. Then combine all these elements to form your new visualization.

Self hypnosis becomes more powerful as you intensify the senses, thoughts, and feelings. And, with increased power, your ability to succeed in your goal is amplified.

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Rachel Ford is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Personal Change Coach. She helps people access their inner resources to achieve positive and permanent changes in their lives.

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