restorative yoga

Yoga is an exercise that has therapeutic affects for many individuals, helping to relieve stress and promote overall wellness of the mind and the body. It is practiced by individuals as a routine exercise to stay healthy both mentally and physically, but may also be used to help patients with certain conditions or ailments find relief. 

Restorative yoga is a type of yoga that involves utilizing props to position the body into certain poses. Blocks, pillows, blankets, balls, chairs, the wall, sandbags and other objects may be used as props so the body may rest, but not sleep. This form of yoga is intended to allow the body to heal and renew itself, as this form of yoga helps trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, or PNS. This is responsible for helping the body response system return to equilibrium and balancing the body.


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Some examples of restorative yoga poses include the passive backbend, reclining butterfly pose, supported standing forward bend, supported extended leg pose, supported downward facing dog, supported head-on-the-knee pose, supported lying twist, inverted cleansing pose and supported child’s pose. Instructors may provide different sequence suggestions, and many poses may be practiced alone or in just about any order because they are so gentle.

A restorative yoga sequence will focus on maintaining the relaxing atmosphere in the room. One thing to consider is that by using props and positioning them for support, it may take a minute to set up the pose, which may interrupt the flow of the exercise. If this seems like it will be a problem for you, suggest to your instructor to choose more poses that require little or no setup. As you continue the exercise hold each pose a bit longer each time.

How you transition from one pose to the next may vary. Your instructor may ring a gentle chime, may simply speak when it is time to transition or may use another calm signal to let you know it is time to change poses. One of the most important things to remember throughout each session is that the idea is to relax and let the body heal and renew. Allow yourself to do so by embracing the calming, relaxing atmosphere created by restorative yoga.


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