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Reiki is a healing method that became popular in the Western cultures beginning in the twentieth century. It is an ancient healing method that has been used by the Japanese for several centuries. Through Reiki, many people will experience healing, balance, relaxation, and transfers of energy. By knowing how Reiki works, you will be able to use the technique in order to change your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conscious levels.

When one begins to use Reiki as a practice, there are several principles that are used as guidelines. This will help the understanding of the use of energy to be taught at a higher level. By allowing the principles to be a part of the practice, one can use the energy for spiritual and mental healing easier.

Reiki is known to be a transfer of energy from external to internal environments. The practice began as defining a universal energy that is present in the universe. Those who practice Reiki will then be able to take this universal energy and transfer it into an individual. By doing this, it will change the internal energy level and allow several different types of healing to work.

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In order for Reiki to be effective, one is expected to practice several different things. If you are practicing Reiki on your own, there are specific steps to follow. These steps allow you to become in tune to the universal energy, as well as allow you to become focused and relaxed when transferring the energy. Usually, it is best to take a class to learn how to do this effectively. If it is not done properly, it can cause the opposite effect.

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The first principle that is taught in Reiki is in relation to the secret of inviting happiness. This is used in order to give students a basic understanding of the different energy flows that they will be using in relation to the Reiki technique. By doing this, the students will be able to understand a level of healing that is taking place. They will also be able to understand a new idea of happiness in relation to using the energy.

The second principle taught is that Reiki is a spiritual medicine for all illness. This idea is mostly taught in order to allow students to understand the basis of Reiki and where it’s emphasis and importance lies. Because it is an alternative healing method, Reiki is able to emphasize the spiritual ties to the method.

For those that are practicing Reiki on their own and decide to take a class, there are several things that will happen. Reiki classes are divided into levels. The more conscious you become of the universal energy and your internal energy, the higher of a level you can move to. Once you become an expert in these methods you can become a teacher, master and healer of this healing method.

The next that is taken in Reiki is to identify the different sources of internal energy that need to be transferred. These will usually be transferred by your breath moving the energy out of your body. Those with illnesses will have parts in their body that have a noticeable different source of energy. You can find this energy through either your intuition or for those beginning the practice, they can use a light touch to begin recognizing the energy.

Once you recognize the internal and external energy, you can then begin to move the energies out of your body, and new energies in. This is usually done using two methods. Your breathing practice will often help with this. You can also use a light touch in order to transfer a different energy from the universe. Reiki masters and trainers will usually do the healing using a touch when they are using the method on someone else.

Reiki is known to be an effective method of healing and balancing by several for centuries. By the continuous practice of transferring energy, one will find that healing, balance, relaxation and a different level of focus will take place. Several can use Reiki if they feel that they need a change of energy in their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual lives.

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