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The South Beach diet plan was developed for obese patients by an American cardiologist in Florida, Dr Arthur Agatston. He supports the consumption of mostly “good carbohydrates” and “good fats.”

The South Beach diet is often being confused or compared to the Atkin’s low-carbohydrate dieting system which was developed by the late Dr Atkin.

Dr. Agatston believes that excessive consumption of “bad carbohydrates” ie high glycemic carbohydrates, creates an insulin resistance in the human body. This is a malfunction of the hormone insulin’s ability to properly process fat and sugar. He also held the view that over-consumption of “bad fats”, such as saturated fat and trans fat, contributes to an increase in cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and stroke.

To prevent these two conditions, The South Beach diet minimizes consumption of bad fats and bad carbohydrates and instead push for the replacement of this unhealthy food with good fats and good carbs.

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The South Beach Diet is a 3 step process. In all 3 steps of the diet, Dr. Agatston recommends minimizing the consumption of bad fats.

The South Beach Diet Step 1 – During the first two weeks, weight loss dieters try to eliminate insulin resistance by avoiding high or moderately high-glycemic carbs, such as sugar, candy, white bread, potatoes, fruit, cereals, and refined grains such white rice. During this step, the body will lose its insulin resistance and begin to use excess body fat for energy, thus the dieter will lose weight rapidly as much as up to 10 pounds during this step.

The South Beach Diet Step 2 – During the second phase of The South Beach Diet two weeks later, whole grain foods, some starchy carbs and fruits are progressively reintroduced into the diet albeit bit by bit until the dieter reaches the desired ideal weight.

The South Beach Diet Step 3 – In step 3, dieters continue to increase consumption of whole grains, fruit servings and some moderate carbs. If the dieter’s weight do not increase or stay at status quo, then that will be the level of carbs in his meals and henceforth to maintain his ideal weight, he will know his carbohydrate tolerance level.

The South Beach diet weight loss program do not have the cumbersome counting of calories or limiting calories. Dr Agatston suggested that you eat until you are satisfied. Dieters are told to eat small 6 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with small snacks between each meal to increase their metabolism for fat burning purpose.

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