how to treat sex addiction

Countless individuals and couples for that matter battle an issue that many find too embarrassing to discuss. As a result, the problem can fester and even ultimately cause major rifts in relationships with significant others, family members, friends and more.

Sex addiction is a problem that occurs more often than one might think, leading to long-term consequences for those suffering from it.

According to information from, more than 30 million people just in the United States are thought to suffer from one form or another of a sexual addiction.

With that in mind, how can those in need of help get it, feeling like there is hope and that they do not need to feel ashamed?

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Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help

For starters, the biggest challenge many with a sex addiction problem face is asking for help in the first place.

Whether it is embarrassment, fear of possible fallout from significant others, family and friends, those suffering from sex addiction can be quite hesitant to put the call out for help. One of the ways to go about getting help is the willingness to be up front and open about one’s problem.The sexual addiction can come in a variety of forms including: sexual compulsivity, a hunger for both porn and cybersex, fetishes that most people would consider unusual, along with wanting to inflict pain on oneself or others during a sexual encounter.

If you’ve ever taken the time to watch certain television shows or read advice columns in newspapers or online (Dear Abby for instance), you will take note that these issues appear in public much more than one might think.

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It is also not uncommon for those suffering from such problems to want to remain anonymous, be it by withholding their name or having their face blacked out and/or voice altered.

In order to get the desired help and maintain your health, keep these tips in mind:

Find the right help – Once you’re willing to admit you have such a problem, don’t waste time going through countless pros or those claiming to be able to assist you. Do diligent research and find someone who truly can get you on the road to recovery. If you opt for sex addiction therapists, research the providers to see which one is best suited for you. Find out how long the therapist/business in general has been around. If they have a long history, what are people (customers, families, friends etc.) saying about them? Secondly, what kind of follow-up care do they offer? Having a few sessions with a therapist is not necessarily going to cure one of their sex addictiveness, so the individual may need help over a longer period of time. Lastly, find someone who is there to help you, not line their pockets with your money;

Avoid temptations – Finding the right help is only part of the recovery process. It is also important that the individual avoid temptations that could push them back into the problem they’ve looked to escape from. This means avoiding one or more mechanisms which can trigger a relapse. Just as someone with a gambling problem should avoid casinos and online betting, someone battling a sex addiction should not be watching porn, reading magazines and other such materials with excessive nudity, buying sex toys on a regular basis etc. In today’s society where just about anything and everything is available 24/7 on the Internet, it is important to turn a blind eye to temptations that could lead one down that dark road once again;

Lean on family and friends – Lastly, don’t be afraid to lean on those you love and trust for help. Sure, you may find it hard to ask for long-term help following your treatments, especially from those you are closest to. What you should know and always remember is that those closest to you also are likely to be the individuals who care the most, so lean on them when temptations arise. Unless you shut yourself off from the world (something you should never do), there will always be temptations out there in your post-therapy world. Make sure those who have your best interests at heart keep you from going down that path again.

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