Office life is not exactly the best of all opportunities for keeping in shape. Stress, machines full of unhealthy snacks and drinks, being glued to the office chair and the screen are terrible for our health, posture and well-being. Together with lunch eaten in a hurry, for many of us the office environment becomes a significant factor in wight gain. How to keep in shape and be a productive office worker? Here are key tips to help you stop gaining weight at work and feeling great while on the job.

Have regular meals

Never leave home without having a proper breakfast. Grabbing onto a croissant and coffee on the go, you’ll be adding a large amount of calories to your day. Most importantly, those are empty calories that won’t keep you going for long.

Instead, opt for a muesli with yogurt, a fruit and a couple of walnuts to keep your brain in shape. While at work, try to eat regularly – that’s something your body will appreciate. Avoid skipping meals – they’re the ultimate weight gain factor.

Bring your lunch from home

Instead of relying on your office canteen or skipping lunch altogether, make sure to have a meal prepared in advance. A large bowl of salad is a perfect option – include a variety of vegetables and salads, as well as a low-fat source of protein like grilled chicken breast, chickpeas, baked tofu or even tempeh.

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Your dressing should be light and low in calories. This is how you’ll keep yourself in shape and avoid spending too much on low-quality food prepared with ingredients that might not be beneficial to your health.

Move around a little

Make regular breaks to stretch or walk around the office every now and then. You can use taking documents to a different room as an excuse for having a short brisk walk. Moreover, you can find lots of online resources to help you use your office environment as a place suitable for exercise.

Instead of spending your lunch break glued to your screen, you can do a series of short exercises in your chair or standing up. Pumping blood to your brain, you’ll find yourself refreshed and ready to face any challenge – you’ll also prevent yourself from falling victim to the famous afternoon office lull.

Keep your breath fresh to avoid snacking

Every time you finish a meal, a snack or a cup of coffee, brush your teeth. This is a simple measure that is not only great for your teeth health, but also for your waistline – your minty breath will prevent you from snacking on sweets or other treats brought in by your colleagues. This is simple, but very effective.

Drink lots of water

We hear this message everywhere around us – you should drink, drink and then drink some more. Pity that some of these messages never specify what exactly we should drink. Certainly not sweet sodas or excessive amounts of coffee.

Instead, turn to nature and drink plain water, exchanging it with very light green tea. Keep a reusable bottle on your desk and take sips from it throughout your day. Water will keep you hydrated and full of energy – it will also prevent your from snacking, which is the single most dangerous weight-gaining agent known to man (and woman).

Keep a stash of healthy snacks

Finally, make sure to have a place for emergency snacks. Those can include dried fruit, raisins and all kinds of nuts. Fruit makes for a great snack, so bring a different one to work every day. Snacking can get easily out of control if you’re constantly offered treats from your colleagues or your company provides a range of candy in the break room. Having your own stash, you can be sure that you’ll always have other snacking options that are way better for your health and well-being.

As you can see, most of us are able to stop gaining weight at work by modifying our behaviors and breaking bad habits. All the above is not about adhering to a beauty ideal that exists only on the photoshopped images in glossy magazines – it’s about your health, well-being and productivity. We encourage you to start right away and share your experience in the comments.

Author: Torri Myler of

Torri Myler works as a project manager at– a UK bank opening times directory. Torri is a wellness addict, an eco-friendly and green-living-minded individual. But she is also passionate about new technologies, internet science plus anything tech-related and likes to lecture about making the most of their potential for personal and professional development.

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