Birth control offers proven and effective means to preventing pregnancy. However, people may abuse drugs and other substances while on birth control, unaware of the dangers. As there is mainly only research on the dangers of birth control use and consuming tobacco, women may abuse birth control when consuming other drugs; unaware of the dangers.

The most common adverse reaction of birth control

Most types of birth control include a high risk of complication and adverse reaction for women who use tobacco. This adverse reaction revolves around the cardiovascular system, and women on birth control, such as Yasmin, asserts Women who use Yasmin and other birth control, with tobacco have an increased risk of hemorrhagic bleeding, failure of birth control, and greater risk of mortality from a pulmonary embolism or blood clot.

The Mayo Clinicreports that some of the most common side effects of drug abuse, from meth to marijuana, include increased heart rate and blood pressure. Women who take birth control and abuse drugs or alcohol, increase the risk for cardiovascular events including a stroke, a heart attack, hemorrhagic bleeding, or blood clots.

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Therefore, detox at a women’s drug and rehab center may be needed to prevent cardiovascular complications while managing withdrawal symptoms.

Birth control and illicit drugs

Most drugs result in euphoria, a sensation of feeling “high”, and problems with critical thinking skills. For people consuming drugs or illicit substances, the mind-altering effects can cause a lapse in memory and other cognitive functions.

Among many other factors resulting from drug abuse, an individual may forget to take any medication they are currently prescribed for their health. A women who forgets to take birth control while consuming drugs and partakes in unprotected sex, increases the risk for:

●     Unplanned pregnancy

●     Problems during the gestational development of the fetus

●     Permanent effects on the child’s health following birth

For an individual who is abusing or addicted to a drug, telling them to stop may not be the most effective method. A woman who is struggling with addiction and expecting a child, can receive the help she needs to continue a healthier life for herself and her child.

Treatment for drug abuse in women on birth control

For a woman who is on birth control and receiving treatment for drug abuse, the treatment program may not allow her to continue taking the birth control pill.

Most treatment programs conduct a comprehensive medical and mental health evaluation before beginning treatment. In this stage of treatment, the medical professional can decide if the birth control consumption interferes with other medications used in treatment.

Women abusing drugs and consuming birth control at the same time, put themselves at risk of a major cardiac event. Since the interactions between birth control and other drugs has not been studied extensively, women need to display caution.

A women in need of treatment for drug addiction, should seek treatment regardless of birth control. The facility and treatment program will be able to take care of the patient and make sure they stay on the path for a strong recovery. Not all treatment programs will offer treatment to pregnant women. Any women who is pregnant and in need of substance abuse treatment, should consult with the facility for more information.

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