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Winter is a time when nature hibernates in anticipation of the activity of spring. However, just because nature hibernates, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate along with it. Avoid putting on that winter weight by continuing your workouts during the cold winter months. Then come spring, you will be one step ahead of nature and everyone else! Certainly, the dark sky and the cold air make it difficult to get out of bed, let alone get up and go for a walk. But you do not have to give up hope just yet. Here are a few fitness tips for winter to help you stay motivated and continue your workouts even when it’s dark and cold outside.

1. Find a Workout Buddy.

They say there is strength in numbers, and that is especially true for the exercise journey. Find someone who has similar goals to yours and partner up for fitness for the winter. The two of you can work to keep each other motivated and on track. Plus, you are more likely to work out if someone else is depending on you rather than just give yourself the day off.

2. Head Inside.

Most YMCA’s and many gyms have indoor pools. You can swim laps all winter long. If you can find a heated indoor pool, so much the better. Also, this is the perfect time to bring out those exercise tapes. Even though the morning is dark, you can turn on a light in the living room and get moving.

3. Exercise with your family.

Even kids can get the winter blues and cabin fever – help your whole household kick the blues by getting the entire family together and go for a walk, a hike, a jog or even to the backyard for a game of touch football or kickball. The laughter and good memories alone will be worth the effort.

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4. Try new things.

There are a whole host of winter exercises that you may not be hip to. If you do not mind the learning curve, try skiing, snowboarding and/or ice skating for a start. Ask active friends what they do in the winter to stay in shape.

5. Continue little changes.

Even in the winter, you can still make the little changes that can give you that extra edge. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park away from the building you work in and walk. Get your blood pumping and you will stay warm.

6. Get support.

If your feet seem permanently glued to the floor or your butt to the bed, call a friend. Ask them to remind you why you are doing all of this. A little pep talk now and again can be a great motivator.

7. Create a workable schedule.

No one says that you have to exercise every day. Maybe in the winter you can cut back to three or four days a week.

Do not let the cold winter weather get you down. Use the above tips to help you stay motivated to get the work done even when the weather is a bit chilly. When the spring and warmer weather roll around, you will be glad that you did.

Article by Stefani Padilla, author, entrepreneur, home base business owner, wife and mom. For more free articles like this one on improving your health visit Health Smart Mom at

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