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The human body is composed of over sixty-percent water. Every physiological process of the body depends on adequate hydration to function at an optimal level. Knowing this, it's no surprise that increased water intake provides important health benefits. Listed below are five health benefits of water that make a direct impact on one's quality of life:

Water Contains Trace Minerals

The type of water one drinks can impact the body's mineral levels. Certain mineral waters, such as Gerolsteiner and San Pellegrino, contain high amounts of heart-healthy calcium and magnesium. This type of water picks up its nutritional profile from its source, deep within the earth. One can still obtain the benefits of mineral water by drinking purified bottled water. Most bottled water manufacturers add small amounts of electrolytes and trace minerals to improve a water's flavor.

Water Aids in Weight Loss

Water contains zero calories, making it a great substitution for high-calorie and high-sugar beverages like sodas. In addition, many dieters have discovered that drinking more water increases the feeling of satiety. Increasing water intake allows one to eat less and only until full, allowing for increased weight loss over time. Furthermore, ice-cold water is said to increase the body's metabolism, making it easier for one to burn even more calories throughout the day.

Water Keeps our System Moving Efficiently

Water is crucial for the healthy function of the body's elimination pathways. Water aids in flushing the kidneys, which have the tough job of filtering out many of the body's toxins. Water aids in elimination through the digestive system as well. Drinking enough water helps in the prevention and relief of constipation by working with fiber to bulk the stool, moving it effortlessly through one's system.

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Water Keeps the Skin Looking Young

Dehydration has a negative effect not only on the internal organs, but the external skin as well. Dehydrated skin will appear rough, dry, and cracked. When one is properly hydrated, there will be a visible difference in one's skin quality. Skin will appear smooth, feel soft and have a more supple and bright appearance.

Water Aids the Immune System

Water helps to keep the immune system working at its best by promoting the flow of lymph. This fluid contains the body's white blood cells that are responsible for fighting illness. When the body enters a state of dehydration, lymph tends to become more stagnant. When the immune system isn't functioning optimally, one is much more apt to fall into illness.

The benefits of increasing one's water intake are many. However, the quality of water one puts into their body is crucial. Many consider a water treatment to provide only the highest quality water for health and safety reasons. Increasing this simple and often overlooked drink can have a lasting impact on one's health and wellness.

Author Bio-“Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.  Kara recommends looking into places like Water-Pro for more information on making sure your water is as clean as possible.”

Benefits of Drinking Water

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