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Yoga comes with many benefits: a clearer mind, increased flexibility, muscle strength, better circulation…the list goes on. But contrary to what you might think, yoga isn’t limited to studio practice. In fact, you can do it just about anywhere — even in the car.

Yes. Car Yoga is a real thing! It takes traditional poses and modifies them, so you can practice while seated or when you stop to refuel the car. And despite the name, this type of yoga is not limited to being on the road. These are poses you can also do seated on the plane or if you work a 9-5 desk job and need a break from your chair.

Why You Should Do Car Yoga

If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you’re familiar with the feelings of angst and physical stiffness that come with all those sedentary hours of sitting. Often times, you reach your destination feeling exhausted.

Road trips and long-haul flights are especially hard on your hips and lower back, so it makes sense that car yoga focuses on alleviating pressure from these areas.

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To help you work your practice into your next travel adventure, CarRentals put together this comprehensive guide highlighting 11 yoga poses you can do while traveling. This breaks down how to do the pose, what it helps with and how long you should hold it. Some of the poses include:

  • Seated head-to-knee forward bend — another lower back opener that restores blood flow to your pelvic cavity, low back, and hips.
  • Seated pigeon pose — ideal for those who need a good hip stretch or suffer from lower back pain on the road.

Check out the infographic below to view the full list of yoga poses you can incorporate into your next travel trip.

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